Thursday, August 13, 2015

Favorite and Best Recipe software

Another one of my favorite pieces of software is Paprika Recipe software. I have purchased this for my Macbook, iPad and iPhone because it is that good, and 99% of the apps I use are free, so that should tell you something!

It is impossible to highlight all the great features of this software, so I suggest you go to their website to see all the features. Here are a few highlights:

  • Bookmarklet that lets you click to save a recipe on many websites, which puts all the items in the proper places!
  • Quick highlight ingredients and click "ingredients", directions, cook time, etc. if the recipe does not import with the bookmarklet
  • Create a Meal Plan and Grocery List right in the software
  • Sign into your cloud account (through the software) and all your recipes sync between devices!
  • I can pull up any recipe while shopping to see what ingredients I might be missing.
  • Scale recipes up or down in the app! 
  • Create your own categories and put recipes into more than one category or mark as a favorite.
  • Print a recipe if you need to, but I just use my iPhone or iPad when cooking and look at the recipe right in the software, which even has a built-in timer!
  • Quickly email a recipe to a friend right from the software! If they also have Paprika, they can click on the attached icon in the email and import it directly into their Paprika software!
Available for Apple, Androids, Kindle Fire and Nook Color, Mac and PC computers! And their tech support is out of this world! Email a question, software bug or idea for improvement and they will address the problems!

While you do have to purchase the software for each device you want it on, once you do that, all upgrades are free for life!

I found this video on YouTube that shows a brief overview.

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